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Regional Parts Supplier Establishes Online Presence

The Problem

A regional parts supplier lacked a solid online presence.

The Solution

Build a website that publishes their large volume catalog online, giving customers complete access to their products and services.

The Story

With an ever-growing line of fasteners, tools, maintenance and shop supplies, Tacoma Screw Products wished to expand their customer base. Realizing that a solid online presence was crucial to part of this aspiration, they hired Seattle Publishing to build an intuitive website that showcased their products, knowledge and dedication to customer service.

The programming department of Seattle Publishing created TSP's site using Ruby on Rails (RoR), a powerful and rapid web framework application. This incredibly efficient program ensured that Tacoma Screw Products had a high-quality website up and running in a minimal amount of time.

Features of the website included virtually up-to-the-minute viewing of their entire stock of inventory pooled from all fourteen Northwest locations, offering customers accurate results during their searches, resulting in less wasted time. Another key feature is the notepad function. When a customer clicks on a desired item, it automatically places it in an electronic list that can then be sent to Tacoma Screw Products' sales department. The representatives then can contact the client regarding availability and prices of those items.

Additionally, Tacoma Screw Products' human resources department can post job openings and receive applications through the Gutenberg Publishing System®. This function gives the department quick access to make changes, delete postings once jobs are filled and keep everything organized for further reference.