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Reduced Costs by 25%, Increased Product Counts by 200%

The Problem

Publishing a catalog takes too long and bares too many problems, including a lack of communication between departments and hidden costs.

The Solution

The Gutenberg Publishing System® manages and distributes content efficiently and streamlines the production process so you can grow your offerings in a cost effective manner.

The Story

Evan Moss, art director for Seattle Bike Supply (SBS), dreaded the annual Parts and Accessories Catalog. Evan spent six months cutting and pasting photos and data into a desktop publishing document to prepare the publication for the printer. No one heard his cries for help until Brent Carlson, SBS's national sales manager, stopped by our office and saw what we could do with content management and catalogs. Going back with news of his discovery, Brent encouraged Evan to contact us about using the Gutenberg Publishing System®.

When we met with Evan, he shared with us his experiences cutting and pasting copy, never having enough time, missing deadlines, cost overruns and finding mistakes after the catalog was printed. To combat these countless delays and hidden costs, Seattle Publishing established the Gutenberg Publishing System® at SBS. By creating custom data files and importing information salvaged from their notoriously difficult inventory system, Gutenberg handled the complex data array and streamlined production of the annual catalog. The result was a price guide and a 200-page publication covering 1,500 products. The following year, the catalog grew to 325 pages and featured 3,000 products. In our third year of partnering with SBS, the catalog grew again to 425 pages with more than 4,000 products.

With Gutenberg , their catalog was ready for printing in one month, not six. Seattle Bicycle Supply discovered that the Gutenberg Publishing System® also solved their problem of developing accurate content obtained from numerous data sources. Gutenberg influenced the SBS workflow by distributing content management tasks among the departments. For instance, purchasing would update product information concerning SKUs, specifications and pricing. Sales handled featured products and specials. Marketing worked on the product descriptions and copy, and the Art Department completed the photos and overall design. What once was a huge task became incorporated into the daily workflow of the company.

The results from SBS's implementation of Gutenberg have had a direct impact on costs and sales. SBS has reduced its annual production costs by 25% while increasing its page count and product offerings each by more than 200%. Also, SBS now has the ability to adapt content to a variety of mediums without significant cost increases. This flexibility includes monthly sales flyers perfect for highlighting special items. Beginning with their first Gutenberg produced catalog, SBS received a significant increase in sales directly related to content accuracy and timely distribution of their catalog. As a direct result of Gutenberg savings and flexibility, the company now produces a compact disc catalog that is distributed to their customers. This CD gives SBS customers the ability to search and select products and provides in-depth information.

Evan can now focus on other projects. He is no longer is the only source for content development and is part of a content management team. SBS even deploys an array of online micro-sites to specially cater to subsets of their potential clientele all using the Gutenberg platform to streamline and verify information. With the Gutenberg Publishing System®, Evan has more time, better results and less stress.