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Niche Publication Streamlines the Production Process

The Problem

How to efficiently manage multiple types of content required for a publication printed eight times each year.

The Solution

Implement the Gutenberg Publishing System® to manage, store and streamline the editorial process.

The Story

Bicycle Paper began as the Bicycle Conspiracy in 1972. It quickly became a invaluable source of information for Northwest cyclists, with articles about everything from touring, nutrition, racing and new products. It also contains the most extensive calendar of events in the region. Believe it or not, editorial content for Bicycle Paper was originally completed on typewriters, long before computers were available to the masses. Later, content and images had to be drum scanned (an image scanner which rotates at a high rate of speed while it passes the image being scanned) before they could then be transmitted electronically. Fast-forward a few years, and suddenly all content could be transferred and then showcased from a computer. Additionally, all editorial content had to be passed around to various employees for editing, proofing, and then making changes, which was time consuming and ran the risk of missed mistakes, loss of files and more.

Prior to the development of the Gutenberg System, Bicycle Paper was produced in PageMaker. The process took a lot of time, and when content changed hands for editing or layout, mistakes were inevitable. Also, images and content would sometimes be altered as the process furthered, creating mistakes in the layout of the publication. With Gutenberg, modifications can be done quickly and with minimal confusion between departments, since everyone is accessing the same information through the Gutenberg Publishing System. Once changes are made in the database, the data is ready for the production process and then can be published as a hard copy or on Bicycle Paper's website.

By using the Gutenberg Publishing System®, integrating photos to complement the editorial content contained in both the hard copy publications and for the website is much easier to administer, and coordination between departments is more efficient. Once material is edited by staff members and then flowed into InDesign, it's now a three-day production process from start to finish. What used to take weeks to accomplish, can now be done in only a few days, allowing Bicycle Paper's staff to focus on the next project.