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No Catalog, No Experience, No Problem

The Problem

A supplier needs to produce an effective catalog with a fast turnaround time to stay competitive.

The Solution

Seattle Publishing leverages technology with their in-house expertise to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

The Story

In an industry where the availability of a product catalog often means the difference between making or missing sales, Matthew Rowley knew that Automotive and Industrial Supply (AIS) was missing opportunities. With a small staff and no publishing experience, they needed an affordable solution.

An AIS supplier's catalog had caught Matthew's eye. Shortly thereafter he discovered Seattle Publishing. When he called us he expressed his desire for a cost-effective publication with minimal overhead and no hassle. We immediately began outlining a three-step process to fit his budget and to provide him with an accurate catalog in a timely manner.

First, we provided AIS with a template to quickly and easily organize their product data. We uploaded that information along with printer-ready product photos into our Gutenberg Publishing System® for proofing, editing, and flowing into their catalog.

We then leveraged our database-driven publishing process to provide affordable catalog pages. Seattle Publishing provided a data proof to AIS for review. Upon approval, we created the final catalog pages. Through our proofing methods, Matthew maintained control of the process while fine-tuning his product selection and then providing final authorization.

The final step involved the printing and delivery of the catalog. Through Seattle Publishing's vendor network relationships, we outsourced cost-effective digital printing based on AIS's need for a short catalog run. With a turnaround time of four weeks, Matthew's idea went from vision to solution in time to impact AIS's sales.