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Keeping up with New Products in Real-Time

The Problem

Continued expansion of product lines and rapid growth in private label items had Tacoma Screws’ internal staff struggling to keep up with the maintenance and management of content on a real-time basis.

The Solution

Working with Tacoma Screw, SP developed a workflow process that includes the Gutenberg Publishing System® coupled with our content services for supporting and maintaining images, technical information, and product data in a timely manner.

The Story

Having to maintain content in real-time was proving difficult for Tacoma Screw as the demand for product information was increasing along with their need to create an annual catalog, monthly sales flyers, and an e-commerce website. By working together with Tacoma Screw’s staff, SP was able to establish an updated schedule that supported key deadlines and new product development milestones. SP was able to offload from Tacoma Screw’s staff many of the responsibilities for data entry and content maintenance, image adjustments, processes, and storage. By offloading these responsibilities, Tacoma Screw’s staff could focus on the other pieces of their new product puzzle.

The Result

Now, Tacoma Screw has a process that insures consistent updating and coordination between SP and their staff members with the ability to support their growth so that correct content is shared on a real-time basis. Tacoma Screw is providing to their customers improved accuracy and consistency with better product visibility across all their marketing channels.