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Assisting a Non-Profit with their Directory.

The Problem

A grassroots organization attempts to handle large amounts of data and a tight publication schedule while relying on a volunteer staff.

The Solution

Partner with Seattle Publishing to leverage database-driven efficiencies with editorial and production support to produce timely high-quality results.

The Story

The Black Dollar Days Task Force is a grassroots community organization. Every year they aimed to produce a business directory, a valuable resource that provides local minority-owned businesses a competitive advantage by promoting their products and services. With long hours, inconsistent results and limited success over the years, they had been struggling to publish the directory. The Board of Black Dollar Days asked Lottie Cross, a local community leader, if she would take up the challenge of developing a world-class directory.

Lottie approached Seattle Publishing to partner with her through the multiple steps required for producing a publication. We welcomed the opportunity, and our first challenge was to leverage the directory's strengths while providing cost-effective services. Our solution was to develop a streamlined database that Task Force volunteers could use and that our professional staff would have access to for editing and ensuring consistency. Seattle Publishing's tools enabled Task Force volunteers to be efficient while our editing services made sure the end product looked professional.

"The Business Directory would not have been able to flourish in such ways without their expertise, suggestions and advice."

Our experienced design staff created covers, page templates and layouts for use via the database that were presented for Lottie's approval. This allowed Lottie to focus on visionary decisions such as message, color and images while we took care of the technical details. This partnership produced eye-catching covers and easy to navigate directory pages.

"They appear to be as passionate about my project as I am. They approach each project with admirable care and kindness."

The final step was production of the publication. With over 500 listings and 100 display ads, Seattle Publishing put the directory together without overwhelming Lottie with technical details. Using our network of vendors, we were able to source out final printing and provide the publishing solutions that kept the publication on budget and on time.

"The staff produces exceptional work always in a timely fashion."

Today, we are in our 12th year of publishing the African American Business Directory. The AABD is printed annually every fall with immediate listing interim updates available through the online publication of the directory hosted on Lottie can rely on Seattle Publishing for all of the Black Dollar Days Task Force's print and online publishing needs.

"In addition to the staff, I also appreciate that Seattle Publishing is a one-stop shop!"