Seattle Publishing’s creative solutions have helped many companies in a variety of industries overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

Good Design Leads to Great Relationships

The Problem

A full-line wholesaler needs to update and modernize their customer web portal to stimulate sales and strengthen relationships.

The Solution

Seattle Publishing Design Services applies its web publishing integration expertise to seamlessly bridge the gap between expanding product offerings and demanding customers.

The Story

Gensco, a full-line industrial wholesaler, contracted with Seattle Publishing in 2000 to produce their print catalog. In 2010, Gensco decided it was time for a website overhaul to facilitate greater interaction with clients. In-house departments tried to master web development but didn't produce the results management envisioned.

With deadlines approaching, Seattle Publishing Design Services picked up the project. After collaborating with IT, marketing and account departments within Gensco, Seattle Publishing Design Services was given free rein to apply their expertise. The new customer site needed to provide security, interface with existing inventory and accounting applications and meet current web standards.

Seattle Publishing Design Services was able to blend their knowledge of the client's products with the technology needed to meet the site's goals. Using mostly HTML, CSS and Javascript programming, the structure of the site was laid out. Our technicians then worked on the design of the site to incorporate best practices, learned from years of experience. Navigational ease, fluid color schemes, intuitive menu structures and intelligent font choices are just a few of the areas where experience led the way. Gensco's accounting and client access controls were integrated within the site design to produce a smooth customer experience even as the system was handed off between areas of responsibility.

With the success of the Gensco customer site and the ease of outsourcing the entire project to Seattle Publishing Design Services, new challenges could be faced. As Gensco expands its offerings, Seattle Publishing and Seattle Publishing Design Services are poised to offer greater and more interactive integration among print, PDF and web technologies.