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Disaster, Recovery, and Success

The Problem

A regional parts supplier's catalog lacks the presentation and technology to support national growth.

The Solution

Integrating the Gutenberg Publishing System® along with Seattle Publishing's custom services ensures a world-class print and online catalog without increasing overhead.

The Story

Mike Howard had spent years trying to market Tacoma Screw Products' growing line of products to reach a wider audience. As sales grew, their old catalog became more cumbersome, with longer publication times devouring more resources. When their previous publishing method buckled under the strain, they needed a quick solution to correct corrupted data and address their projected growth goals.

Seattle Publishing worked with Mike and his team and they salvaged what data they could when the other system failed, converted it a format suitable for the Gutenberg Publishing System®, and meticulously filled in all the gaps. This effort solved the crisis while streamlining their content management and catalog publication and addressing the need for reliable results.

"Our catalog production process is better and better. No small achievement."

The staff at Seattle Publishing applied their expertise to the Tacoma Screw catalog and worked collaboratively with Mike and his team to develop a vision for how the Tacoma Screw catalog could drive growth. Leveraging Gutenberg's ability to publish online and in print, Tacoma Screw was able to host a virtual catalog as well as produce a print catalog regularly. The print and online data flowed seamlessly, and the marketers used Gutenberg to easily produce specialty sales fliers for use in store and online.

"As valued partners, our accomplishments - over these past years - are supported by the continued excellent efforts, significant contributions and talents of everyone involved."

Editorial and design services also improved Tacoma Screw Products' results. When Seattle Publishing steered Tacoma Screw's catalog in the right direction, it was more than 800 pages of content. Using the latest industry and in-house publishing techniques, Seattle Publishing grew the catalog more than 15% without additional staffing. Currently, Tacoma Screw's catalog is more than 1,000 pages and is easier to use than ever before. By focusing on Tacoma Screw's core competencies and calling in Seattle Publishing to apply their expertise, Mike Howard has been successful in growing the company and creating a nationwide market presence.

"A world-class catalog that will represent our companies well. A most satisfying collaborative process."