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Telling Their Story

The Problem

The Heat and Frost Insulators Union Local 7 didn’t know where to start when they needed to publish a book that highlighted their 100-year history. Compounding things, many of the historical photographs that would be needed were in poor condition and there wasn’t a written historical record. They soon realized the project would require starting from scratch and they would need professional assistance.

The Solution

Contacting SP, Local 7 inquired about our custom publishing services and asked how we could help them create and publish the book. After initial meetings and in-depth discussions, they decided to move forward with the project and use SP’s expertise for writing, editing, image restoration, design, production, and printing.

The Story

Greg Bower and Doug Steinmetzer were tasked with putting together a publication that would be an historical record of the Union and showcase its longstanding history. The first step was to quantify what material was available and what would need to created. From this discovery process it was determined that a book manuscript would be made based on available information and a series of interviews with the Union’s retirees would be done to add their

stories and voices to the book.

When creating the manuscript, SP had to be careful when telling the Union’s story, since topics like asbestos exposure needed to be covered with sensitivity since many of Local 7’s members had been lost due to exposure. The next step would be to scan, process, and touch up the book’s images so they would be usable in print. As these items were happening, our staff designed the cover and the inside pages of the publication. After a series of proofs and Local 7’s approval, we sent the book to the printer for final production and binding.

The Result

Over a period of six months, SP worked diligently with Local 7 to provide our publishing services and through the process created a book the Union can be proud of. The publication became the centerpiece for their 100th celebration and many of the old timers that were interviewed rushed to their sections, reading their own interviews and nodding with approval. Today, Local 7 has a written history of their first 100 years and they are looking forward to the next 100.