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Centralizing Content is Key to Client's Online Strategy

The Problem

An outdated, largely static website that relied on pdfs for product information, with no way to link to their Gutenberg Publishing System® for updated information.

The Solution

Developing a new Ruby on Rails website which drew data from their Gutenberg Publishing System®, allowing for a more dynamic site while centralizing all content within Gutenberg.

The Story was the main website for nautical hardware manufacturer Sea-Dog Line. While considered cutting-edge when it was developed, it was outdated within a few years. The website relied on a hand-coded HTML page structure for its content, requiring a web developer to make even basic modifications. This quickly became tedious. The website also relied on PDF files from the catalog to relay product information, limiting usability and the ability to perform product searches. These two limitations resulted in a generally static site which was difficult to update.

We worked with Sea-Dog’s graphic designers to create a site that was powered off their existing Gutenberg Publishing System® (Gutenberg). This allowed them to make product data changes once in Gutenberg and have it reflected on their website as well as in future catalogs and sales flyers. This single entry to multiple output workflow increases productivity and reduces the possibility for content errors. Additional features, like PDFs of their print material, lists of dealers, and technical information were also built into their Gutenberg system.

To make the new more engaging to their customers, we added the ability to spotlight certain products on the home page, Javascript-based picture sliders on the home page, product search, and the ability for the user to maintain a project list of relevant items to print for later. All these functions greatly enhance the website’s interactivity, and due to its Ruby on Rails back end, are not difficult to implement.

Now’s streamlined content is managed by Sea-Dog’s staff instead of a webmaster, reducing time and cost expenditures. For their customers, it provides a new environment for content that is consistent and searchable, with the final result being more visits to their website and more demand for their products.