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Big Box Retailer gets help for their catalogs.

Costco’s  Director of B-B marketing, was presented with the challenge of creating comprehensive catalogs for it’s Business Center members. These catalogs needed to reflect Costco’s unique product selections for each of their warehouses, while being cost effective

to produce.

Previously, Costco tried several solutions from producing supplemental catalogs with limited product selection, to ready-made catalogs produced by one of their suppliers. Neither of these options provided Costco with the perfect solution. Costco determined that in order to accomplish their publishing goals, they needed a system that centralized data, bridge current in-house data, and image systems. As with other large companies, Costco had thousands of images and gigabytes of data that were distributed throughout the

organization. A publishing system needed to have flexibility in regards to design and the cost-effectiveness of automation. For Costco, the logical place to begin was with a software solution. After meeting with several software providers, each having their own spin on automating publication production, Costco was still not satisfied with the answers they provided, since they required additional staff to operate and maintain these software solutions.

About this time, Seattle Publishing approached Costco with not just a software solution, but a package of products and services to choose from to fit their publishing needs. Our idea was to use the power of the Gutenberg Publishing System® to bridge data systems

and automate production. We went further by offering to complete final production, proof, pre-press and ship digital-ready fi les to their printer. We set up the programming to match their publication design, provide proofs, make requested changes, and offer publishing support throughout the process. With our solutions, Costco discovered the

benefits of the Gutenberg Publishing System® and the services of Seattle Publishing without having to add more staff and increase costs. With the distribution of the 03 Spring/Summer and the 03 Fall/Winter catalogs to their Business Center warehouses, the catalogs have be well received by their members. With the Gutenberg Publishing System® and Seattle Publishing’s services, the results have been impressive. Costco’s

catalogs represent 4087 pages showcasing 33,000 products that include 10,000 photos with a total production time of 14 weeks. Now, when the B2B Marketing Director  is planning for the Business Center catalogs, she knows that Seattle Publishing and the Gutenberg Publishing System® will be able support Costco’s publishing effort. She knows that the catalogs will be on time andon budget, and Costco has the flexibility to change existing publications or create new catalogs that will be inline with their evolving needs.