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Accidental Author Launches Acclaimed Guide Book Trilogy

The Problem

A successful lifestyle author needs a solution that handles print and online content management with equal ease.

The Solution

Seattle Publishing tailored the Gutenberg Publishing System® to flow ever-increasing content to books and electronic outlets simply and quickly.

The Story

Steve Roberts is infected with a love for fine wine. He travels the Pacific Northwest receiving treatment for this malady in the vineyards and tasting rooms of the region. You may have even seen this self-proclaimed "cork dork" chatting with pourers, proprietors, and wine fans while scribbling away in a spiral notebook or snapping shots from the patio of Nefarious Cellars. A big obstacle for Steve was getting his ever-growing inventory of information and insights into a manageable form for publication.

Steve had come into contact with Seattle Publishing through his life outside of wine touring. When owner Jay Stilwell heard about Steve's ambitious project, he suggested the Gutenberg Publishing System® as the content management and database publishing solution for his cellar full of content. As Steve expanded his explorations into Northwestern wine, Gutenberg would catalog and organize the winery information, maps, reviews, and pictures collected along the way. Once Steve had reached a threshold of content, a new Wine Trails NW book would be assembled from the array of data flowed out for publication.

Steve's vision wasn't limited to paper, and that's why he chose Gutenberg. Using Gutenberg's ability to handle multiple media, Steve launched This electronic home allows Steve's fans to pick up extra copies of the books or leave behind their own views and opinions. Steve tapped into Seattle Publishing's web design skills matched with the content flow of Gutenberg to make the Wine Trails NW website dynamic and supportive of the wine touring experience.

As Steve's exploits grow bigger and bolder, Gutenberg and Seattle Publishing will be alongside him. This partnership has allowed Steve to uncork his potential, and wine fans around the country are enjoying the fruits of his labors.