Founded in 1972 as The Great Bicycle Conspiracy, Seattle Publishing has it roots in the bicycle industry. By 1998, SP began assisting wholesale manufacturing companies to simplify their publishing process by using a database to publish their product content. It was at this time that SP’s Gutenberg Publishing System® was born—an idea that came from years of experience publishing event-related materials, and from the desire to make things simple.

Today, SP leverages publishing technology to help clients publish thousands of print and web pages annually.


Seattle Publishing is dedicated to using their expertise and technologies to provide the highest quality services and customer care; creating a positive and profitable environment for clients, employees and shareholders; and maintaining good stewardship for the community and the environment.


Jay Stilwell - President

Jay joined Seattle Publishing in 1997, bringing with him extensive experience in sales and marketing. In day-to-day operations, he finds his marketing expertise extremely useful when working closely with clients, and he enjoys advising them on exactly how they can leverage Seattle Publishing to enhance or expand their business’s vision. Jay sees Seattle Publishing's success as a direct reflection of helping clients to succeed, and he promotes good communication and transparency in every working relationship.

Ryan Price - Vice President

Ryan came to Seattle Publishing in 2005, contributing fresh ideas and innovative technology to the company’s vision and process. His dedication to streamlining the business and applying technology in creative ways is evident in the range and depth of solutions he and his team provide when presented with a client's goals.


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